Core Competencies

The scholars of Young Academy engage in nine Core Competencies. These general competencies can be applied in many contexts and specify how learning can be expressed and assessed in practice. They enable scholars and faculty to set learning goals and assess learning within and across the many disciplines of human inquiry. The Core Competencies of the E.A. Young Scholar are:

• Language Arts
• Science
• Technology
• Mathematics
• Social Studies
• Second Language
• Fine Arts
• Creative Problem Solving
• Health Promotion

A unique kindergarten experience for the gifted, talented & high ability learner

Help Your Child’s Educational Journey Take Flight!
Children spread their wings and fly with the lasting learning taking place in E.A. Young Academy’s Kinderhawks environment!  Our innovative and challenging curriculum taps into each child’s unique potential, providing:

  • A full-day, inquiry-based program where learning is exciting!
  • Ever-changing curriculum as Kinderhawk scholars discover and shape their understanding of new concepts.
  • Small class size (8:1 max student/teacher ratio).
  • WEEKLY experience with Spanish Language Instruction, Health Promotion, and both Performing & Visual Arts.
  • Active participation in our Fiery Hills microsociety.

The Kinderhawk program is for children ages 4 & up who meet admission requirements.
The 2017-18 yearly tuition for the Kinderhawk Program is $9,750

Fiery Hills Microsociety

Complete with its own currency, laws, and economy, Fiery Hills is the microsociety within the scholar population at EA Young Academy. By providing multiple opportunities for all scholars to succeed both as individuals and as a group, Fiery Hills fosters an environment where students feel a sense of belonging and responsibility for each other and their community.


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Independent Study Project

Each scholar participates in a semester-long Independent Study Project, choosing their topics from areas of emerging interest.


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