Scholar Advisors

Scholar Advisors

Each scholar is paired with a faculty advisor to address their intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs.

Role of the Advisor

Scholars work closely with their advisors in such areas as goal setting, developing strong study and organizational skills, and monitoring overall academic progress. Additionally, each scholar’s advisor:

  • Serves as a consistent adult contact and advocate, regardless of topic or issue.
  • Helps set, strive for, measure and attain goals for behavior, overall learning and social relationships.
  • Provides a forum for character education.
  • Acts as a first point-of-contact for parents on issues other than subject-specific matters.
Building Resiliency

Scholars and their advisors will work to develop values through exercises in academic integrity, stress management, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, healthy communication, ethics, and personal identity and self-image.

Supporting Individuality

Scholars express what they’ve learned in different ways. Some prefer written expression while others may do better with technology, social action or visual mediums. Scholars will be given options, when practical, to select their own modes of expression.

Global Citizenship

Each scholar will work with his or her advisor on ways to contribute to a positive school climate, ways to serve the wider community, and how to best express their leadership abilities. Through these activities and discussions with his or her advisor, each scholar will also learn to become a responsible global citizen.