GT 101


WHO are the “gifted” and WHAT should I do with them? Observe gifted characteristics and effective teaching strategies in use in our summer classrooms, demonstrated by master teachers. This session will include an overview of giftedness, practical implications, and future direction for you as a classroom teacher. In addition, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from throughout the Metroplex to compile strategies that will REALLY work!

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Carol Raymond, MEd TAGT 2015 Educator of the Gifted, serves as Director of Assessment & Special Programs and a STEM educator at E.A. Young Academy, a K-12 private school for gifted, talented and high ability scholars. Her educational ambitions focus on implementing methods that meet the social and emotional needs of students through authentically challenging academic pursuits. Mrs. Raymond frequently presents at TAGT conferences and districts across the state about differentiation, authentic research and the social/emotional needs of gifted individuals.