It’s About More than a “5”: The GT Scholar & AP


Research shows that gifted students think differently, and often more deeply, about their world. This workshop looks at ways to engage gifted students in your AP courses to help them make meaningful connections within and across class content. Strategies such as Sandra Kaplan’s Depth and Complexity and Content Imperatives can add rigor to Socratic seminars and other class discussions. Learn how to combine AP standards with GT instructional strategies to foster creativity, inquiry, and discovery in the AP classroom. Discuss with a number of GT AP high school scholars about their ideal learning environment. Additionally, discover more about the College Board’s new AP Capstone program and how this innovative program design specifically meets the needs of gifted individuals.

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Charlotte Weinstein, MEd, is an AP Consultant for College Board & holds a Masters Degree in Gifted and Talented education. She currently writes curriculum for GT ENG II (compacted and accelerated 10th -11th grade curriculum for 9th grade students), and leads professional learning communities for GT ENG II and AP Capstone Seminar. Mrs. Weinstein’s goals are to continue her professional growth and develop unique and meaningful learning environments through differentiated instructional strategies.

Carol Raymond, MEd, TAGT 2015 Educator of the Gifted, serves as Director of Assessment & Special Programs and a STEM educator at E.A. Young Academy, a K-12 private school for gifted, talented and high ability scholars. Her educational ambitions focus on implementing methods that meet the social and emotional needs of students through authentically challenging academic pursuits. Mrs. Raymond frequently presents at TAGT conferences and districts across the state about differentiation, authentic research and the social/emotional needs of gifted individuals.