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Duke TIP

Duke TIP programs are designed specifically for gifted students. Their talent searches help students and families evaluate and grow academic abilities while educational programs provide them with motivation, challenge, inspiration, advanced interactive learning opportunities, peer interaction, and more. E.A. Young scholars have enjoyed multiple benefits from the Duke TIP program, from having articles published in the Navigator to spending three weeks on a college campus during the summer. We have also had scholars take online programs from college professors and others participate in Saturday workshops sponsored by Duke TIP. Numerous scholars have received state and/or national recognition in the seventh-grade talent search.  All of the individuals who have taken advantage of these programs have had wonderful things to say about their experiences.

Scholars are identified for the program by grade level as follows:

4th–6th Grade Talent Search

The starting point for younger gifted students seeking academic challenge. The program offers the PSAT 8/9 as an optional above-level test, fun educational enrichment resources, contests and access to learning programs. Enrollment opens October 1.

7th Grade Talent Search

This program helps gifted seventh graders develop their abilities and identify the extent of their academic talent through above-level testing. Individuals who score at the 50th percentile for college-bound seniors are invited to a state recognition ceremony. Those who score in approximately the 90th percentile for college-bound seniors are invited to a national recognition ceremony. It is the entry point for many TIP educational programs, and benefits last through the end of high school.

  • To be eligible for 2018 summer programs, scholars must take the ACT or SAT by the end of February 2018.
  • To be invited to the recognition ceremony in the spring, should they achieve a qualifying score, students may take the ACT or the SAT by the end of March 2018
  • EAYA code: 822041-EA

Duke TIP Boot Camp session:
Saturday, October 14th from 9am-12pm
Course workbook needs to be ordered by Friday, September 22 by following the link below and using the code “EAYA2017” for free shipping (will be shipped to the school)
Navigating the Talent Search

8th–10th Grade Option

International students, older students, and seventh graders who missed out on regular talent search enrollment can be considered for TIP programs by taking the ACT or SAT on their own and reporting their scores to us through 8th–10th Grade Option.

  • Code to report scores to Duke TIP when registering independently: 5173

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