Purple Cord Hours

Purple Cord Hours

Welcome Firehawks! This is where you can set up a Track It Forward (formerly Our Volts) account to enter your volunteer hours. Already have an account set up? Great! Log in below to get started and record those hours!


What is Purple Cord?


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Log Volunteer Hours

Each time you volunteer—whether at Young Academy, your church, your scout group, a non-profit or any other organization—track your volunteer hours by logging in below. This system will allow you to compile and view your volunteer credits in one convenient location.

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Track It Forward Registration

If you have not yet registered with Track It Forward, create your account using the button below. Please note that if you’ve already set up an account at Our Volts, your account has been automatically transferred to Track It Forward.


About Track It Forward


Track It Forward, formerly Our Volts, is an online website that tracks volunteer hours, allowing volunteers to accumulate hours in one convenient location. Schools and organizations may then review and recognize volunteers based on their logged hours.

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