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The vision for Young Academy goes far beyond academic excellence.  Our mission is to develop scholars that are problem-solving, compassionate stewards of our global community – the kind of humanitarian leaders who rise up when the need is greatest and create a means to end the suffering. To achieve this mission, we develop the critical thinking abilities of our global citizens and strive to instill in them strong leadership skills and a philanthropic heart.

Recently, Texas faced a great challenge, and our scholars and Firehawk Family responded.  They gathered and sent truck-loads of much needed supplies & clothing, organized fund drives, and reached out to relief organizations and schools in the effected areas to offer homes to those without, a school to displaced students, and themselves to help staff relief distribution efforts.  From the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief, to our year round support of Global Girls Education in Africa – and multiple scholar-led initiatives in between – Young Scholars, from our Kindergarteners through our High School Seniors, not only know the importance of service to others, but lead by example.

Please join us in supporting our future leaders by choosing your philanthropic giving areas for the year and including E.A. Young Academy in your list of charitable choices. You may donate at any time by clicking on the “Donate” button on the left menu (we recommend daily!). It is only through the generosity of our families, friends, corporate and foundation donors that we are able to continue our mission to develop the action-oriented, compassionate, purposeful leaders of tomorrow.  Your gift of any size will have an immediate and direct impact on our scholars and faculty members.  Click the green Donate button below to securely donate online now using credit/debit card, payPal or eCheck, or click the orange Download button to access a printable form. Thank you in advance for supporting Young Academy.

NOTE:  Just before submitting your donation, you will review the details on a page titled “Please review your donation.” On this screen, please click on “Donation in Honor Of ? Anonymous?” near the top, left-hand side of the page, and in the box that appears, tell us: 1) The name(s) of the student or faculty member you are donating in honor of (if applicable)  2) If you wish for your donation to remain anonymous  3) Other notes or important information regarding your donation.

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