Empowering Students

E.A. Young Academy is an accredited K-12, not-for-profit private academy dedicated to the gifted, talented, and high ability scholar. At E.A. Young, we are passionate about kids. We believe the essential purpose of education is to empower learners to fully develop their talents and abilities in order to become innovative, problem solving, compassionate stewards of our global community.

Igniting Fires

We believe that education is not just the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. E.A. Young Academy is a place where high ability students ignite. Each day, they encounter a one-of-a-kind educational experience that meets their rigorous needs and challenges their creative minds.

The E.A. Young Model

E.A. Young Academy turns the current model of education on its head, flipping the relationship between teaching and learning. Learning becomes the focus — the driver — of schooling. Scholars are assessed on their mastery of each area, and the program is geared to each scholar’s areas of strength and weakness.

By tying instruction to each scholar’s most effective learning style, E.A. Young Academy individualizes each learning experience. A learning profile is generated for each scholar based upon prior academic performance, scholar and parent surveys, and ongoing assessment in the program. Based on the profile, scholars are assigned to particular methods of instruction — small- and large-group instruction, peer tutoring, individual tutoring, asynchronous instruction, and independent study.

Educators benefit, too. They effectively get rid of high-stakes tests for assessments, instead introducing ‘just-in-time’ assessments in each skill and knowledge area. They also do away with the need for scholars to repeat a grade or entire course, including subject matter they have already mastered.

This approach means tying instructional resources more directly to the approaches that improve each scholar’s performance, rather than throwing costly larger-scale solutions at individual problems.