Aimee Anglin, B.A.

Aimee Anglin

Administrative Director


Aimee Anglin returns to E.A. Young Academy in the expanded role of Administrative Director for the 2015-2016 academic year. In addition to more than a decade of administrative experience, Mrs. Anglin has been lovingly dubbed the “Boo Boo Princess” by the Firehawk scholars.

Mrs. Anglin began her career as a legal secretary working for several large, international law firms. Once her youngest became of preschool age, Mrs. Anglin joined an academic-based preschool as a teacher and then later served as the Assistant Director. It was during this time it became evident to her that little minds are sponges only limited by the restrictions placed upon them.

During her undergraduate years Mrs. Anglin attended three different universities while earning a Bachelor of Arts in English along with a Minor in Interpersonal Communications. She traveled from Southern California to the snow belt in Ohio to complete her degree. While her studies were focused on American and British Literature, she was also interested in how people interacted with one another on an interpersonal level and began taking coursework on that topic as well.

Mrs. Anglin’s love of children and belief in innovative education brought her to Young Academy. In her spare time, she loves to do fun runs, hang out with her family and compare/contrast the various features of over the counter bandages and their efficacy in a school setting.