James Bishop

James Bishop

Upper School Humanities


James Bishop is the personification of the Zen concept of the “circle with no circumference” – he is hard to classify into one group or to label as one thing. Like other multi-potential gifted adults, Mr. Bishop has worn many different hats. He has been (and, in many cases, continues to be) a professional sculptor, a commercial artist, an author, a college instructor, an instructional designer, a project manager, an ordained chaplain, and a professional counselor. Mr. Bishop has even been a prison guard, so he is familiar with keeping inmates in their cages – experience that he believes will serve him well at EA Young Academy.

Mr. Bishop has a bachelor’s degree in Composition and Language (with a minor in philosophy) and Master of Arts degrees in Professional Development and Professional Counseling. In addition to teaching at EA Young Academy, James is a private practice counselor and the executive director of The Passionate Mind Institute, a non-profit dedicated to research and advocacy in talent development. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the Gifted Education Review newsletter.

Mr. Bishop has geek street cred. He is the author of two books on Bruce Lee and an internationally recognized expert on the philosophy of the late martial arts legend. Mr. Bishop is also an authority on the life and work of the Pulitzer-Prize winning historian and philosopher, Will Durant, and a former member of the board of directors of the Will Durant Foundation. He is the editor of Durant’s Philosophy and the Social Problem: The Annotated Edition (2008) and the co-producer and editor of the documentary film, A Visit with Will and Ariel Durant (2003). A celebrity biographer and ghostwriter, although Mr. Bishop is technically not supposed to say whose books he wrote (pesky contracts), if you ply him with donuts, he might just tell you a few.

Mr. Bishop is currently working on his doctoral dissertation at the University of North Texas, where he is pursuing his PhD in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Gifted and Talented Education. If he is lucky, Mr. Bishop will finish it before he dies.