Jeremy Edins, B.A.

Jeremy Edins

Upper School STEM
MS & US Fine Arts


Mr. Edins is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University where he obtained what he calls a “mixed bag” degree in Mathematics with a minor in Music. He has extensive experience in Math, Physics, Music, Theatre, and several other topics too obscure to name.

In addition to his skills and expertise in a variety of scientific fields, Mr. Edins is a personification of the STEM concept (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math). He has a passion for the arts, and has been involved in them his entire life.  While at Hardin-Simmons, he was a part of every large instrumental ensemble, an integral part of the Theatre program, and a member of the related Honor Societies for all. A lifelong performer, he celebrates the opportunity to bring his experience in the Fine Arts to Young Academy.

Being the child of  teachers, Mr. Edins is no stranger to the field of education.  And while completing advanced studies at HSU, Mr. Edins realized that education was to be his calling as well – the field in which he could realize his passion for learning. Upon finding E.A. Young Academy, he recognized the amazing opportunities it presented to do just that, and enlisted as quickly as possible.  In all of his endeavors at Young, Mr. Edins brings an amazing amount of energy, original ideas, creative methods, and a contagious love of learning.

Mr. Edins’ passions are many and their diversity borders on ridiculous. He typically enjoys reading, gaming, general nerdiness, beard growing, and any physical activity he can do on a Saturday afternoon when not playing drums or bass at church. Jeremy also is a firm believer that any of those things can be made better by a nice cup of Earl Grey.