Lance Lyda, BS

Lance Lyda

Director of Operations


Lance Lyda’s title is kept top secret, mainly because no one is sure exactly what he does, though it is rumored that he serves as the Director of Operations. He can usually be found playing the role of the Overlord with students at pick up/drop off, glued to multiple computers in his office, or carrying around tools to fix what needs fixing. You can also find him at the board meetings of Young Academy, trying to keep that unruly bunch of folks in order.

In addition to his work with Young Academy, Lance serves as CEO and Creative Director for the Camenae Group, Inc., a health promotion and education company. He is an avid pixel pusher, and loves to take an occasional break from all of the business-y stuff and work on the creative side of things – creating ads, marketing pieces and every once in a while, something artsy just for fun. He also enjoys tending to client relationships with the company’s various healthcare clients.

Prior to Camenae, Mr. Lyda served as Vice President of Creative Development for Van Koevering Company, an entertainment services company. In this role, Mr. Lyda’s primary responsibility was GUI (graphical user interface) development for the company’s hardware, software, and websites. Being fluent in the languages spoken by Content Specialists, Engineers, and Higher-ups, he also served as an intermediary between these groups, interpreting the needs of one group into the language of the other, and then leading the development of the project specs, graphics and interface design. Mr. Lyda also worked with Big Hand Productions in Dallas as Producer for the multimedia software design studio. With Big Hand, he collaborated with creative teams to produce award-winning CDi and CD-ROM projects for clients such as GTE, the NFL, Acer Computers, and Philips Electronics. Before Big Hand, Mr. Lyda worked with the advertising/marketing agency Sagon-Phior Group in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Lyda is married to Kathy Lyda, a fellow Horned Frog and the only girl who would have him. They have two daughters, Avery and Lindy, and way too many animals. In his free time, Lance loves to coach soccer, play video games, read, create and build things.