Marilu Rosales, M.Ed.

Marilu Rosales

Director of Firehawk Life
College Advising Coordinator
LS, MS & US Spanish


Marilu Rosales (AKA Ms. Lulu) returns to the Firehawk family in the new roles of Director of Scholar Life, Spanish faculty and College Advising Coordinator. Mrs. Rosales holds a Masters of Education degree with an emphasis in reading from National University. She also holds a mathematics supplement through her Bachelor of Arts degree in education from California State University, Long Beach. Mrs. Rosales has been teaching for eight years and her teaching style embodies the Chinese proverb, ““Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” Her educational and administrative experience includes the public and private setting with ages/grades ranging from elementary all the way through high school.

After moving to Texas, Mrs. Rosales took a break from teaching and stayed at home to raise her youngest child Olivia. When Olivia became pre-school age, Mrs. Rosales decided it was time to re-enter the teaching world. After having that time off from teaching, however, she really reflected on what education meant to her, what learning meant to her, and decided she did not want to end up in a traditional classroom setting. Even in her public school teaching days, with the support of her principal, her classroom functioned in unconventional ways. This way of teaching allowed her the ability to be creative with curriculum and teaching techniques. Mrs. Rosales incorporates an array of innovative, positive, and challenging ways to get scholars to love learning. Her positive, calm, yet firm demeanor allows her to get the most she can out of every scholar.

In her spare time Mrs. Rosales enjoys watching her kids play sports, reading, listening to music, and yes…playing video games (she can be pretty competitive).