Michael Petruso, AOS, CPT

Michael Petruso

LS & MS Health Promotion


An accomplished “playworker”, Michael shares a fun, engaging and creative approach to movement and well-being with his students.  He is a member of “Our FUNction Community”, a global network of teachers, trainers and coaches dedicated to combining the creation and sharing of games with the sharing of movement wisdom and exploration.

A veteran fitness professional, Michael’s original intent was to specifically work with children, to not only teach them movements, but to teach them the art of moving playfully for their entire lives.  When he’s not teaching the Lower Schools fundamental Ninja skills, he operates a fitness and wellness coaching business with his wife, Melissa.  As well as training and coaching hundred of clients, he’s been called upon to teach trainers his methods for training small groups.

When he’s not playing around to make the world a better place, you can catch him engaging in climbing, jumping, running, pulling, dragging, heaving, crawling and lifting for his own selfish purposes.  It’s also worth mentioning that his kettlebell juggling skills are phenomenal.