Our Inspiration & Namesake

Emma Alzada Young

Emma Alzada Young often said that after thirteen children, her parents ran out of regular “nice” names. This is why, she would explain, on June 13 of 1914, they christened their fourteenth child Emma Alzada. Mrs. Young, the grandmother of Head of School Kathy Lyda, would become the inspiration behind E.A. Young Academy.

The Pioneer Woman

Nin, as she was know to most everyone, was a born teacher. From her early days in a one-room schoolhouse in Oklahoma to her long career with Fort Worth ISD, Mrs. Young made a habit of introducing strategies and concepts decades before they became the buzzwords and staples of our current educational system.

Mrs. Young’s classroom was mind boggling to most folks. It was a bee-hive of activity, with kids exploring, sharing, and creating — all in an atmosphere of controlled chaos. She readily took in the “troublemakers,” kids who saw things differently, who weren’t fond of rules or who felt like round pegs in square holes. With her unique approach, Mrs. Young would help these students find their passion for learning, all while making the rigorous content and hard work fun.


The Visionary and Inspiration

In her lifetime, Emma Alzada Young had a courage to be one of the “crazy ones” who would do whatever was needed to light the fire of learning for all children — even those who were a little different. She lived, loved, and practiced the philosophy and attributes of the school that, today, honors her name.