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college & career planning


Information is available at our fingertips. Communication with coworkers thousands of miles away is effortless. Collaboration is essential. Our future is changing and our Firehawk alumni will be ready!

In Pursuit, our scholars explore more than the "best" colleges out there. They explore their interests, talents, and abilities and investigate ways to meld these three factors into a career - even if it is a career that does not yet exist! After exploring these interests and potential career paths, they THEN begin looking for the optimal post-high school options. Whereas the majority of our scholars enter a four-year institute of higher education, we realize that other options such as the military, vocational school, or entering the workforce may maximize the scholar's life satisfaction. 




Who am I?


FOCUS ON: Individual personality, talent, and ability explorations


Example activities include:

  • 16Personalities assessment & activities

  • YouScience - focus on Holland codes, abilities, and group interaction

  • SCOIR - set up profile, track activities, and begin explorations of post-secondary options

  • X2Vol - track community service hours

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Each effective teacher prepares children and adolescents for the next stage, and, therefore, must know what the next stage involves and who are the best people to deliver skills, values, and content knowledge. (Developing Talent in Young People, B. Bloom, Ed).

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