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julie mcghee.

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Julie McGhee serves as an Upper School Advisor, Literature and Composition teacher, and K-12 Visual Arts teacher. As an advisor for EA Young’s Upper School, Mrs. McGhee offers the scholars academic guidance and emotional support, as well as serving as an advocate on behalf of the Upper School scholars. Working with the two other Upper School Advisors, Mrs. McGhee meets frequently with EA Young Academy’s administration to help be a voice for Upper School scholars.  In 2019, Mrs. McGhee helped to found the Upper School House program, and as Head of House for House Daktylis, Mrs. McGhee helps plan special events, organize and lead daily bonding activities with the scholars, and ultimately helps to build a strong sense of community within EA Young Academy’s Upper School.  A typical morning in House Daktylis might begin with pledging to the “motivational lizard” and end with dancing to the “happy harp”.

When Mrs. McGhee came to EA Young Academy in 2016, she designed and implemented a new Visual Arts program at the school. Reflecting her personal passion for creative expression, Mrs. McGhee created this program with an emphasis on story-telling through art by using unique prompts to inspire self-expression and artistic process over product.  Further, Mrs. McGhee introduces scholars not only to the more traditionally, well-known and historically revered artists, but also to modern, alternative, non-western, and other lesser known artistic perspectives. Through studies of these artists, scholars have the opportunity to create their own unique pieces while evoking some themes and styles present in the work of the artists studied. For our youngest scholars, the primary goals of her visual arts classes are to get messy, have fun, learn artistic confidence as well as skills and concepts in visual art, and to explore artistically while learning about different artists, mediums and techniques. 

Mrs. McGhee also works as the sponsor of EA Young’s Art Club and Yearbook team (YEAM!). When she began working at Young, Mrs. McGhee introduced the Art Club for Upper School, which later expanded into the Middle and Lower Schools. Art Club offers a space for scholars to further develop artistic skills and vision, collaborate with other artists in a relaxed, even less formal environment, and have the chance to socialize with their peers. To celebrate the end of each semester, the Art Club has a party featuring an art-themed cookie cake, now a beloved tradition.  In 2018, Mrs. McGhee took the mantle as the sponsor of EA Young’s yearbook team whose members do layout and design work, photography, writing, editing, and artwork for the school’s truly unique and personal yearbook.

Every summer from 1998 to present, Mrs. McGhee has worked at the senior program of the DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Scholars, or Sr. DECATS, a three week educational summer program designed for gifted and talented scholars going into 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Mrs. McGhee works as a teacher in Visual Arts and Filmmaking (Rock Opera) major, as well as a teacher for various minor courses throughout the years. Similarly, in 2017, Mrs. McGhee taught at EA Young’s very own Ignite! Summer Intensives program. There, Mrs. McGhee taught the Harry Potter and Cardboard Castles courses. Prior to joining EA Young Academy, Mrs. McGhee served as the Assistant Director of First Presbyterian Preschool in Grapevine, Texas from 2007 - 2016.  She also taught 3rd grade at Florence Elementary School in Keller from 1996 to 1998. 

Valid Texas Teaching Certificates:
Elementary English (Grades 1-8), Issued: 5/19/1996, Expiration Date: Life
Elementary Self-Contained (Grades 1-8), Issued 5/19/1996, Expiration Date: Life

Master of Arts Degree in Education Austin College 1996
Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Austin College 1995

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