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Learn to Skate by Helena (Informational Writing)

Do you a want to learn a new way to transport yourself? If you do, you should learn to skate! Skating allows you to move in style. It's quick and fun plus being easy to prepare. Glide through the steps of learning to skate with this book. It will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful skater. Turn the page to start learning.

There are many different types of skates. One is average skates. These have 4 wheels and are like shoes. The next type is roller blades. These are similar to average skates because they are like shoes too. They are different from the other kinds because four wheels are lined up in the middle. Here's another name to call these: four in a row. Last but not least there are skateboards. These are shaped like bananas and are not like shoes. They have four wheels though. Those are all the most common kinds of skates.

Now I will teach you how to put on a skate. Putting on a skate is easy. You simply slip your foot into the shoe, after the laces are are threaded and loosened. Cross the the laces left over from the first step behind your ankle and back to the start. Tie a bow and you' re done!

Now that you have chosen your skate and put it on, it's time to start skating! When you first start skating you might feel unsteady. To prevent this I recommend using a Walker of some sort. Now, to skate get up on your feet and push back to the side and roll. Do the same over and over again. When you feel safe without the walker start doing it all over again. Hint: try not to push to hard on the Walker at first.

Now that you know what to do, all that is left is practice! Going to a skating rink is a great way to do this. Have fun!

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