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Middle School Remote Learning Organizational Strategies by Ms. Ross

AKA "What Ms. Ross has to do so she can actually be productive at home."

  • Use an old fashioned post-it and create a to-do list for the day – consult assignment tools such as Edmodo, Teams, or Seesaw to develop a list.

  • Number the items on the list in order of priority (past due or due soon items first)

  • Decide what to complete in the morning vs. in the afternoon

  • Cross them out as you go and give yourself small rewards for accomplishing them – drawing time, read a chapter, play outside, watch a short episode of something

  • At the end of the day, start a post-it for next day with anything that wasn’t accomplished

  • Crumble the post-it for the day and throw it in the trash!

  • Create a stop time for your workday so your brain can decompress

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