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K-4 is Rockin' Seesaw

Our youngest scholars at E.A.Young are connecting through a platform called Seesaw. Scholars participate daily in answering a question of the day, just like they do at real school, and have a follow-up good morning message from both Mrs. T and Mrs. Hitchings. Scholars also complete daily calendar activities and share journals regularly as they keep their writing skills sharp! Beast Academy remains our math curriculum, and our youngest scholars also enjoy a daily ELA online activity where they sharpen their language arts skills like ABC order, parts of speech, spelling, etc. Scholars also enjoy a read-aloud time each morning with Mrs. T from our novel series The Penderwicks, stories of four sisters and their adventures. Wednesdays we have a science lesson, where Mystery Science Doug keeps us curious! And Fridays are our fun day, where we all share jokes to make our week end on a funny note!

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