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Performing Arts with Mr. Sturgeon Goes Next Level Awesome

For grades 5th through 8th, I was looking for something we could invest our time in for Performing Arts that would allow us to still explore concepts in characterization, dramatic story telling, creativity and improvisation (themes we have been working on this year) and perhaps even take advantage of the distance learning format (and would just be fun),To that end, I developed a role paying game in a steampunk setting. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction that takes place in an alternative future Victorian Era, one in which they have developed advanced technology. Each of the scholars designed a character to play in that setting and I've put together some game mechanics using a deck of ordinary playing cards. The characters in the game belong to an organization named HELP! (The Headquarters of the Extraordinary League of Protectors). They go on missions to try and bring order back to the world after the events of the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds. For a fun relevant twist, they are based in The Republic of Texas which never joined the United States in this fictional alternative future. I play the characters they encounter and their boss at HELP! Mr. Kite. (just for fun, many of the characters and concepts for the game they will encounter secretly come from Beatles songs i.e. Mr Kite and the name of their organization: HELP!) Here are some images chosen by the scholars for their characters, and a sample character sheet with one of the characters placed on it.

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