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Yes, we are starting the beginning of the school year in remote learning mode...and we are ready.

Since March, we have been learning, studying and synthesizing the evolving data surrounding COVID-19. As we stated last week, several ISDs are pushing out their plans, the Texas Education Agency has provided guidance and various advocacy and professional organizations are issuing position statements. We recognize this leads to your anxiety in ascertaining what we at Young Academy will be doing. Given the current trends, specifically within our county, it will not be safe to resume on-campus instruction by August. Therefore will begin the academic year in a remote learning mode. Specifics regarding our remote learning opening will be announced soon.

Our commitment to you:

  • The safety of our Firehawk Community is our paramount concern and is being aggressively addressed.

  • When it is safe to return to campus, we will. We desperately miss our scholars! We believe strongly in on-campus instruction and its benefits.

  • When remote learning occurs, you will see the mission and vision of Young Academy carried out

Faculty hard at work

with fidelity and innovation. We were able to stand heads and shoulders above the rest in regards to remote learning in the spring. To the credit of our faculty, they were able to do that with one week of re-tooling and preparation. We now have a trial run behind us and our faculty members are working hard on what this new model will look like in fall. Young Academy will continue to take the lead.

It is during times of crisis that we look to our core purpose and vision to guide our decision making and problem solving:

  • We believe the essential purpose of education is to empower gifted and talented learners to fully develop their talents and abilities. This will continue.

  • We work to develop innovative, problem solving, compassionate stewards of our global community. This will continue.

We are so fortunate to have such an engaged community and we are grateful to each of you for your continued words of support, encouragement and commitment to the overall success and future of E.A. Young Academy.

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