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Chess - Intermediate

Rising 4th-12th graders

  • 155 US dollars

12 spots left

Session Details

Placement by skill level (4th grade and older) Determining Your Level Skill Level: Intermediate classes may cater to players who have a basic understanding of chess principles and tactics but are still working on refining their skills and strategies. Advanced classes are typically geared towards players who have a strong grasp of fundamental chess concepts and are looking to deepen their understanding of advanced strategies, positional play, and tactics. Rating or Experience Level: Intermediate classes may be suitable for players with a rating range of approximately 1000-1600 (USCF/Elo), or those who have been playing chess for a few years. Advanced classes may target players with a rating range of 1600+ or those who have been playing chess for many years and are seeking to reach a higher level of play. Curriculum Content: Intermediate classes might focus on topics such as basic opening principles, middle game tactics, basic endgames, and strategic concepts. Advanced classes may cover more complex opening theory, advanced tactical motifs, in-depth endgame techniques, advanced positional concepts, and nuanced strategic principles.

Contact Details

  • 608 Henrietta Creek Road, Roanoke, TX, USA


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