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Ready to IGNITE?

Molds and Multiples

Rising 1st-2nd Graders

  • 155 US dollars

8 spots left

Session Details

Molds and Multiples with Ms. Abbie Cotton, BA, BFA In this inferno of creativity, you will learn how to make copies and multiples of different objects in a variety of ways! Join us for a week of molding, casting, and crafting – where your imagination knows no bounds! Unlock the smoldering energy between molds, multiples, plaster, resin, and clay, as you combine these elements to craft multi-dimensional artworks. Explore textures, colors, and forms to unlock your artistic vision. You will learn about the art of resin manipulation and making multiples using resin. You will also learn how to make plaster molds! Why settle for just one of your creations when you can have multiples?

Contact Details

  • 608 Henrietta Creek Road, Roanoke, TX, USA


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