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This course can no longer be booked.

The Exciting World of Science Phenomena

Rising 3rd-4th Graders

  • 155 US dollars

Session Details

The Exciting World of Science Phenomena with Mrs. Leann Vaughn, M.Ed Calling all young scientists! Get ready for an unforgettable week filled with excitement and discovery in our Science Explorers course. Designed specifically for elementary-aged learners, this hands-on program will take students on a thrilling journey through the fascinating world of science. Throughout the course, students will engage in a series of interactive experiments, demonstrations, and activities that will spark their curiosity and deepen their understanding of various scientific phenomena. From exploring the wonders of physics to uncovering the mysteries of biology and everything in between, participants will have the opportunity to get hands-on with a wide range of scientific concepts. Each day will focus on a different theme, allowing students to delve into diverse areas of science such as: 1. Forces and Motion: Investigate the principles of gravity, friction, and inertia through fun experiments with ramps, pendulums, and more. 2. Life Sciences: Explore the amazing world of living organisms, from plants and animals to microscopic organisms, through hands-on observations and dissections. 3. Earth and Space: Journey to the stars as we explore the wonders of space and delve into the geology and natural phenomena of our planet. 4. Chemistry Magic: Uncover the magic of chemistry as we mix, react, and observe the colorful world of chemical reactions and transformations. In addition to conducting experiments and investigations, students will also learn how to ask questions, make predictions, and draw conclusions like real scientists. Through collaborative projects and group discussions, they will develop essential critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills that will serve them well in any scientific endeavor. Join us for an unforgettable week of discovery, where young scientists will ignite their passion for learning and embark on an exciting adventure through the wonders of science! Please Note: Scholars should bring a computer device, as they will be used periodically each day.

Contact Details

  • 608 Henrietta Creek Road, Roanoke, TX, USA


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