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college & career planning.

We understand the importance of guiding our Upper School scholars to find the right post-high school experience or college that suits their unique needs and aspirations. Our "Pursuit" program equips scholars with the necessary tools to identify their next steps after graduation.

  1. Self-Reflection: We emphasize self-reflection as the starting point for college exploration. Through workshops and mentoring, we help scholars gain clarity on their passions, strengths, and goals, enabling them to align their college search with their personal interests and aspirations.

  2. Comprehensive Research: We provide scholars with extensive resources for thorough college research. We go beyond rankings and encourage scholars to explore specific programs, faculty expertise, campus resources, and alum networks to make informed comparisons and evaluations.

  3. Guidance and Mentorship: Our faculty provides personalized support, guiding scholars through the complexities of college applications, financial aid, and scholarships. They share their expertise to ensure students have a clear understanding of each institution's strengths, weaknesses, and unique offerings.

  4. Campus Visits and Fairs: We encourage campus visits enabling scholars to experience college environments firsthand. These opportunities allow scholars to engage with faculty, students, and campus life, providing valuable insights to inform their decisions.

  5. Financial Awareness: We emphasize financial awareness by educating scholars about various financial aid options, scholarships, and grants. We provide resources for understanding the true cost of education and encourage open conversations about financial limitations and expectations.

  6. Exploring Alternatives: We highlight alternative pathways, such as community colleges, trade schools, and online education platforms. These options offer affordability, specialized training, and flexible scheduling, ensuring students understand that success can be achieved through different educational routes.

Upon graduation, our Firehawks are ready to soar!


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