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we are young.

E.A. Young Academy is an independent, K-12, accredited, private school dedicated to the gifted, talented, and high ability scholar. Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in the suburban community of Roanoke, Texas, it currently serves 93 scholars in grades K-12, drawing from an approximately 30-mile radius.



We believe the essential purpose of education is to empower gifted and talented learners to fully develop their talents and abilities.


E.A. Young Academy is the only K-12 private school in the North Texas region to offer a comprehensive program targeted specifically for the gifted, talented and high ability scholar.




At E.A. Young Academy, we work to develop innovative, problem solving, compassionate stewards of our global community.

Our instructional model is specifically designed to increase scholar engagement, deepen integration and understanding, promote active learning, and ensure future academic success for the gifted learner.

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Education must cultivate creativity, critical thinking, innovation and problem solving skills.


The leaders of tomorrow must learn to be idealistic, pragmatic, holistic, action-oriented, compassionate, and purposeful.


An effective gifted and talented education program promotes not only content mastery, but additional life skills such as social and emotional intelligence, tenacity, resilience and character.  



As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and competitive, we must maximize every opportunity to develop gifted learners and nurture their leadership. The Firehawk community strives to ensure that gifted scholars have the opportunity to practice, reflect upon and take ownership for their actions, impact and influence. We focus on five core values:

  • Curiosity

  • Integrity

  • Resilience

  • Compassion

  • Agency

Additionally, scholars are active participants in the running and governance of the academy. By learning through engagement, gifted scholars gain a deeper understanding of the connections between the classroom and real-life skills, including financial literacy, economic conventions, and civic and governmental principles. 



The scholars of E.A. Young Academy engage in eight core competencies and five interdisciplinary competencies driven by gifted education best practices. Scholars pursue solutions to problems by asking questions, researching, ideating, designing plans, experiments & prototypes, drawing conclusions and communicating their results. These competencies are:

  • Mathematics

  • Language Arts

  • Social Studies/Geography/History

  • Science

  • Fine Arts

  • Health Promotion

  • Second Language

  • Talent Development


Additionally, Young scholars move beyond

mastery in core subjects by developing

interdisciplinary skill sets throughout all

subjects. These skill sets include:

  • Critical inquiry research, problem-solving and communication proficiency

  • Global and environmental acumen

  • Financial, economic, business, civic and entrepreneurial literacy

  • Social and emotional health advocacy

  • Digital literacy and citizenship

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At E.A. Young Academy, collaborating with  gifted and talented peers, sharing resources and codifying know-how are typical facets of work activity. We believe that we must work collaboratively to identify opportunities for sharing, articulate values, best practices, and assimilate knowledge as an everyday experience. 


Through integrated gifted and talented curriculum and our service learning program, we take our talents and skills outside of the walls of the Academy to connect with the world around us so that we may truly be compassionate stewards of our global community.

The Service Learning Program at E.A. Young Academy, known as Purple Cord, seeks to connect classroom curriculum with making a meaningful impact on community issues and needs. Upon graduation, Upper School scholars completing 100 service hours and corresponding reflective elements within the academic year are awarded their Purple Cords. Scholars in Lower and Middle School set goals as a classroom and work to achieve those goals for Purple Cord recognition at year end.

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