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evan fuchs

Mr. Fuchs serves as adjunct faculty, teaching 6th-12th grade computational thinking courses. Raised in New York, Mr. Fuchs went on to earn a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan. He has been working with children ever since.

As an occupational hazard of a lifetime among children in the classroom and on the playing fields, Mr. Fuchs is fluent in the world of comics, cartoons, videogames, and most things a 12-year-old would consider fun. Keeping abreast of the latest toys and trends, Mr. Fuchs is usually among the first to check out new gadgets. He is also a formerly sponsored paintball player, avid (although, admittedly, not very good) mountain biker, respected lacrosse coach, video game designer, and professional photographer. Thirsty for knowledge, he reads voraciously and has been a member of the Information Architecture Institute, as well as the International Game Developers Association.

A great fan of games, Mr. Fuchs created Bored Kid Studios as a brand for the distribution of his iOS and Mac based games. Through this one-man studio, he has developed and released several titles that have been downloaded thousands of times. His math-facts game, Tribbs, is a favorite in many iPad-based classrooms.

In an attempt to further bridge the worlds of gaming, technology, and education, Mr. Fuchs enrolled in SMU’s Guildhall Graduate School of game design and moved to Texas. Although he still believes that education is at a tipping point, and that technology (and game design) will play an increasingly vital role in revitalizing American education, the few months away from the classroom led Mr. Fuchs to the realization that, “…as sure as I need to breathe, I need to teach.”

In game design, the theory of Flow is often contemplated. Flow theory describes the mental state in which you are totally and positively absorbed in what you are doing. Time stands still, you are completely involved, and focus is energized (this is very similar to many definitions of ‘fun’). Kids understand this concept; they talk about athletes ‘being in the zone’ or ‘playing outside themselves’. To put in plainly: when working with children and adolescents, Mr. Fuchs' got flow.

Over the past 20+ years, Mr. Fuchs’ classrooms have always be refreshing havens for both the studious as well as the non-traditional students: those with an abundance of boisterous exuberance, impulsive wit, or underachieving genius. Kids have a built-in radar for adults who ‘get’ them, and in Mr. Fuchs, they are quick to sense an ally and kindred spirit. Mr. Fuchs' guiding philosophy has always been quite simple: school should be fun. Very much a renaissance man himself, Mr. Fuchs' successfully kindles and stokes the sparks within all his students.

Mr. Fuchs is thrilled to be a part of the energetic, passionate, and bleeding-edge community of EAYA. Each day, he eagerly looks forward to interacting with the scholars who are sure to grow and change the world.
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